The Global Consciousness Project

What is the nature of Global Consciousness?


What applications can be devised to exploit what we learn by looking for global consciousness? We see the world as deeply divided into haves and nots, powerful and weak, rich and poor, loved and lost, blessed and bereft. What would better balance do for the world? The answers have become terribly important, and it is time to look for the questions that will elicit applications to redress pain and cure the diseases of power and corruption, overpowering lust and unconscionable greed. No one can promise a rose garden, but the will of a global consciousness can surely move masses to insist on change, just as the compassion of millions brings patterns into being from the material of chaos.


In the inaugural issue of Journal of Consciousness Studies, Harman (1994) wrote:

The question of what worldview is fit to guide personal and societal decisions may well be the most critical question of our generation. Which is more likely to ensure our survival as a species? The belief that what is ultimately real is worthless dust — a multitude of fundamental particles or a multitude of property-instantiating space-time points? Or the belief that what is ultimately real is — at once — a unitary, all-constituting substance (sat), an all-containing consciousness (chit), and (objectively speaking) the quintessence of quality and value, ananda? I am convinced that the latter inspires the saner attitudes.
— Ulrich Mohrhoff

Advice to Scientists and Governors of all Sorts:

Always be suspicious of the news you want to hear.
— Francis Everitt, principal investigator, Gravity Probe B project

Healing the Disease of Torture with a Funnel of Love

Dear Mrs Clinton, Dear Mr Obama, Dear Mr Hagel, Dear Mr Mcain
You can win that war if you create a cure for revenge.
Why are people tortured, then killed in Iraq?
Revenge is a communicable disease.
Cure revenge and win the war.
Spend money on healing.
No one wins in a war.
Unless by healing.
Love can do it.
Nothing else.

On Buckminster Fuller

According to a Sufi friend, Himayat Inayati, Fuller passed me Baraka during a presentation in Washington, one of his last speeches. Whether or not that is so, he was a hero whose insight and wisdom comes even more into focus these days. His lifework is an application of global thinking. He was a truly global consciousness. Following is an excerpt from an article in U.S Politics Today by its editor, Joe Rothstein, describing interesting examples of Bucky’s continuing impact.

A wise old friend of mine used to define an optimist as a scientist who believes the future of humans of Earth is still in doubt.

By that definition, Buckminster Fuller was one of the world’s most prolific optimists. He knew, and often said, that we are at a decision point in human history. The decision could go either way.

With only a sliver of the resources otherwise devoted to war, pollution and planet degradation [could be washed away.] A lot of ingenious people around the world are working hard to develop evolutionary strategies and products are culturally, ecologically and economically viable.

Fuller liked to say that we are in the midst of humanity’s final exam. The Buckminster Fuller Challenge grant provided by the Institute that is his legacy is doing its best to help us pass.

Can we live together? White Hawk Ecovillage doing it well, in community.

And for those longer in tooth
What to do with the rest of your Life
A short conversation with Dr. G.

The best of intentions run uphill, and are often matched by their polar opposite. What to do? Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System by Donella Meadows is effective counsel.

Many wise people have recognized that the feminine, nurturing mode is essential for a healthy society. The Earth is laboring in terrible conditions brought by disregard of the compassionate interconnected nature of true humanity. This is the topic of a powerful essay by Barbara With on Sisterhood.

The Global Brain Project:   The intention is to jump-start the global brain and help us fullfil our roles as neurons in it. As the number of self-aware individuals increases, we should achieve higher levels of coherence, and we should achieve an increasing effect on shaping the world as we, the citizens who live within it, would wish.

One of the great tools for educating ourselves is the use of graphics — the picture that is worth a thousand words. This chart of Energy Flow is a brilliant example of the visual representation of quantitative information.

This morning’s dream twice dreamed, once remembered

Bits come out of nowhere
Cloud of no shape, no form
Yet a cloud of destiny
When life demands order
When mind makes muscle

Random origin and nowhere to go?
Not really so, because life did happen
Mind is reality
Creation makes a plan
The future draws near

When does the future start?
Easy, just now
How is the decision made?
That is for you and me to know
And also for the ants, and the whales

Purpose and goals make us free
The future tumbles and rushes in
No doubt, not even when we doubt
Happening is the only life
Now world moves on — it must

Think of nothing
That is where those bits arise
They were not, and they were
With no difference except that difference
Energy need not apply

Information, this or that
No, yes, up, down, one, zero
Before and after — what a difference
Life or none (not even death)
Nothing is impossible to imagine

And no thing became us
So we could rhyme without reason
Sing in the midst of song
Live a life,

What has life taught me over these years? Establish principles and stick to them. Honesty is essential, particularly honesty with oneself. Express your uniqueness in what you do. Let your creativity be expressed. Be active.

Be adaptable to what life brings. In all things be directed towards helping others. Acts of kindness bring the ultimate joy and satisfaction that the human soul craves, and they are the glue that holds society together.
— Dana Nixon Weeder, Princeton ’55

Creation Song

My soul and yours, soul of the earth, home to all love

We are born together
Full of light
Love is our natural right
We will learn creative memory

Old soul, new soul, brother, sister, all deep love

Woven all together
Common passion
All loving compassion
We will create a world that lives

Creative mind, all aligned, mother and father divine

Building beauty together
No need to harm
Peace is a charm
Peace is the condition of creativty

We do love our home, our beautiful only home

Mindful of each other
Oneness in mind
Surprise is ours to find
Oh yes, all together we can love peace

Peace is the condition of creativity, one soul, one love

Healthy skepticism is not meant to keep us small, it’s meant to challenge and test ideas and experiences to find their authenticity.
— Barbara With

Russ Targ’s notes from My Big Toe

(Captured at a workshop with physicist Thomas Campbell)

Theory and experience are both necessary for understanding.
We live in a Reality, based on Physics and Matter, PMR
Don’t just pay attention to the stage and the sets, there are also people.
Notice the big picture.
The relationship of physical reality to consciousness is fundamental.
There is no objective reality. Everything is statistical. Bit to it. (John Wheeler)
Reality is a digital simulation. Consciousness is information. [Empty of meaning]
The purpose of consciousness is to lower its entropy and become love.
Growth is essential. Evolve or die.
A form of nonphysical energy exists, capable of changing itself.
Consciousness is a form of nonphysical energy. Assumption 1.
It is not possible to describe the superset in terms of the subset. Assumption 2.
[You can learn Word, but you have no access to the operating system.]
Our purpose is to learn the rule set [the organizing principles] for the system.
It is hard to make the system serve your ego, since that is not its purpose.
The system wants to reduce entropy [and increase coherence].
[This can be done, but it requires energy.]
Consciousness will inform quantum mechanics when consciousness is understood.
Consciousness is outside of space and time.
Love lowers ones entropy promoting health.
Fear increases entropy, chaos tears the self apart creating illness.
Ghosts, little people, and UFOs all are in an alternate reality outside of space and time.
Data is spread all over the hard drive, like David Bohm’s implicate order.
Our intention modifies the probability of events!
Ego is high entropy, unfocused and is a cause of our suffering.
There is always an opportunity to change the probabilities.
The focused mind can mold future reality.
The decision space is within ones grasp and is determined by the system rule set.
You can’t understand the system
[but you can make your life easier by learning the rule set governing physics and consciousness.]
You can’t understand ESP because it is outside space and time.
But you can learn its rules, and how it behaves.
Free will is our choice within our decision space.
But history and the rule set determine the decision space.
Psi uncertainty says events are caused by consciousness and the rule set.
You can affect the past as long as it isn’t known.
You can affect the past but you can’t change it.
You cannot violate the rule set. Assumption 3.
The psi uncertainty principle [where probabilities are changed] is indistinguishable from magic.
The flow of loving awareness is more important than learning psi.
In remote viewing and OOB experiences, no travel is necessary.
Healing is the transmission of information to change the probabilities.
Love and sex reside in a larger reality.
Ego and fear interfere with remote viewing.
To heal an illness, it is easier to heal its bad causes at an earlier time.

And we can use Mind Power to heal the earth